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Witness - Cornelius - Ghost Dance - One Missed Soft Remark - Matter Divider 1 - The Waltz I Stole - On A Road One Way - Country Peace (for Verona) - Fun 1 - Perfect Design - Play - Old Tree - Bungee Jumpin'

with Kirwan Brown

"Extended improvised performance where creative exchanges between players audibly increased with the looseness of their interplay."


"This is a CD that you'll be able to come back to, time and time again, with different emotions beng stirred with each listen."

Nemesis Music


I Didn't Know What Time It Was - I Hear Music - Things We Said Today - Sunny Side of the Street - It's All Right With Me/Jeannine - That's All - C O O L - Lakota Yuwipi poem - Luck Be A Lady/Ole Devil Moon - Autumn in New York - It Don't Mean A Thing - Tag: Take Five


with Eric Thorin/Kirwan Brown

"Truly a duo, as you can feel the warmth and understanding that passes between the artists... Thought provoking, still -- as you listen, you also realize that this team likes to have fun."

Nemesis Music

"A singer who brings adventurous ideas, abundant energy & high spirits to the daunting task of doing something new with the art of jazz singing."

The New York Post


Prime Directive - Grand Yasoo - Lennon - Yesh - The Gathering - 21 Breaths - Before a Word - Mumbo Jumbo - Mitaku Oyasin - Ravel - Tao Jones - Theapatra's Walk - Thank You My Hands

with Theano/Mark 'Dewey' Miller/Rich Lamb

"Lamb transcends cliché with some adventurous music making... Attractive & ebullient..."


"A very proficient pianist and expert soloist... Chuck Lamb's original compositions are varied & exuberant and his work is exemplary."



What Language Do You Understand - Two Years Later - Guide - Quest of The Clay Kin - Dance Among La Threes - Rain - New Dance - Indian Waltz - As Above So Below - It's My Business


with Mark 'Dewey' Miller/Mark Simon/Steve Holloway/Jay Anderson/Harvey Sorgen/Mike DeMicco/Kathleen McLellan/Mitchell Long/Justin Allison

"A striking portrait of the inventive yet approachable stylings fashioned by Theano & Chuck Lamb ... a CD that is consistantly fresh and engaging."

Norman Proviser -- Jazziz, Rocky Mountain News

"A variety of coloristic sounds and a fascinating array of embellishments."

The New York Times